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Buying glamping tents

Our range of furnished glamping tents is wide and diverse, has a luxurious look and is manufactured with high-quality materials. With care and dedication, our professionals continue to develop the tents and improve them down to the smallest detail to optimise your return on investment. We would like to think with you about the marquees and decorations that best suit the experience you want to create. We would also like to think with you about optimal maintenance of your tents.

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Create an experience with Glamping tents

Experience is not an addition to, but the basis for an extraordinary glamping or camping site. Thanks to our extensive cooperation with large festivals and events, we know better than anyone how to create a practical experience that will make your guests' stay even more enjoyable. We always think with you about suitable solutions for your glamping or camping site.

It is important to us that you not only know what you are buying, but also have the opportunity to feel, see and experience our tents. We are happy to show you around our showroom and projects.

Procedure for purchasing a Glamping tent

Service & maintenance of Glamping tents

Good maintenance is essential to extend the life of your Glamping tents and to keep the experience for your guests optimal. We offer you various services for this.


During the "winter service" our service employee comes to prepare your tents for (extreme) winter weather conditions. Frame, tent cloth, zips and couplings; everything is checked and repaired where necessary.

Impregnation treatment

Our tents are equipped with high-quality impregnated tent cloth that makes the tent cloth waterproof from the outside. Sunlight affects this impregnation layer over the years. With our periodic impregnation treatment, we prevent leaks and the formation of mould.

Anti-algae treatment

Nothing more annoying than green deposits on your purchased tents. Because the tents are always outside, the canvas is susceptible to moss and algae that cause green deposits. We have a special anti-algae service programme. This enables us to thoroughly remove the deposits and give the canvas a protective layer, which ensures that algae formation is less likely to recur.


Our specialised craftsmen will be pleased to assist you with the expert repair of damage to your canvas. If possible, this is always done on site. In addition, we have our own sewing workshop. This means we can also repair damage that is too high or too big to repair on site.

Would you like more information or to use our service? Then please contact us.

Investing in a glamping tent for your campsite?

Buying glamping tents is a smart investment and therefore a step that more and more campsite and hotel owners are taking. The demand for luxury holiday accommodation among holidaymakers is increasing. As a campsite owner, you can benefit from this.


Glamping tents are purchased for the diversity of camping and sleeping possibilities. With the popularity of glamping tents in rentals, this is an interesting investment right now. Many owners of campsites and/or recreational areas are choosing to purchase glamping tents today.

Glamping tents are popular

Glamping tents and structures are very popular. Dutch people like to spend their holidays in a luxury glamping tent. A glamping tent is a good investment for the owners of a camping site or recreation area. More and more holidaymakers are looking for luxury holiday accommodation.

Glamping is luxury camping

Glamping is increasing in popularity. This form of luxury camping offers your guests everything they need for a carefree holiday. A spacious tent with fine beds, a kitchen and, if desired, a beautiful bathroom. This makes holidaying very luxurious for your guests!

Glamping tents to suit your needs

At CampSolutions we always have a glamping tent that fits your ideas! We have glamping tents, but also other unique structures that fulfil the same need. 



CampSolutions has years of experience and know-how with various types of glamping tents. We are proud of the transparent and sustainable cooperation with our partners, which enables us to offer a very wide range of characteristic glamping and hospitality tents.

Buy a glamping tent

In addition to the standard worldwide known canvas Safari Lodges, we have numerous unique and varied glamping accommodations. The glamping accommodations each have their own distinctive and special appearance. They are real eye-catchers on your location. The offer varies from ultra luxurious tiny houses with built-in sanitary facilities, festival glamping accommodations to design tents, Tipi tents and Bell safari tents. Even custom-made hospitality structures and canopies are among the possibilities.

We also offer service and maintenance. We ensure that the structures are made ready for the season and take care of any repairs and cleaning of your glamping tent.

Buying a tailor-made glamping tent

All our safari tents and lodges are available in different sizes. Therefore, you can always choose the format that best suits your situation.

Glamping tents for winter hire

CampSolutions sells glamping tents that you can rent out all year round. This way, you as a campsite owner get maximum benefit from your investment and it makes the business case even more interesting.